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Healthcare is an exceptionally sensitive industry sector in which the safety of patients is the guiding aspect. Selecting suitable materials for applications in this field can be an exceedingly demanding task.
This is why we are continuously developing our strategies for applications in the medical devices, pharmaceutical packaging, and diagnostics market. Our team of experts will provide technical service, product safety, risk management and a deep understanding of market needs.
ALBIS's focus in project work is on technical and regulatory requirements. Regardless of the type of polymer involved, our first step is always to define the technical challenge at hand and then to determine the material most suitable for its solution. Read more
The QbD Group supports life science companies worldwide throughout the entire product lifecycle – from idea to patient.
Since 2011, QbD has been providing quality solutions for product development and manufacturing. The QbD Group’s team offers the skills and expertise for solving complex problems in quality assurance, validation & qualification, regulatory affairs, clinical, quality control, software solutions & services and go to market for companies active in life sciences.
Within our focal points (ATMPs, medical devices and digital health), we take on a pioneering role on a global level and help determine the rules in these fields.
QbD Group is headquartered in Belgium and has over 450 consultants worldwide in the Netherlands, Spain, France, UK, Switzerland, Mexico, Colombia and the US. To learn more, visit the website.

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For more than a century and a half, Gardner Denver has been a trusted partner for the world's most demanding and ever-changing compressed air, pressure and vacuum needs.
We provide the healthcare industry with a number vacuum and blower solutions that are used both as components within medical equipment and for the supply of suction from a centralised vacuum system. One such device that we have supplied for many years is our side channel blowers for movement of air in medical ventilators. Recently ventilators have been used at the forefront of treating patients during the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19). Read more
Brainport TechLaw is a platform where technology and law come together. Our goal is to combine, share and ensure specific knowledge in technology and law. This is achieved, among others, by connecting our members – entrepreneurs in (high)tech branches (from SMEs and startups to large multinationals) and specialist advisers (including accountants, lawyers, patent attorneys) – and by organizing thematic events and lectures.
For the medtech industry, the Brainport TechLaw network can provide valuable connections to complement technological expertise with regulatory-, legal- and IP knowledge and experience. Read more
Technology Arbritration & Mediation Institute (TAMI) is a foundation with the aim of preventing escalation of disputes at an early stage and offering an alternative for the ordinary courts of law. This institute has been founded at the request of businesses involved with technology, the municipality of Eindhoven, Brainport Development and lawyers acting for technology businesses.
The institute specialises in a diversity of disputes tech companies may experience, e.g., about technology licences, intellectual property, R&D collaboration, online services, and technology contracts. Depending on the technology of the dispute involved, a subject matter expert is selected to act as a mediator or arbitrator. The institute is available to both start-ups, SMEs and corporate businesses, both in the Netherlands and abroad.
Any questions? If you wish to have more information. please do not hesitate to contact us via secretariaat [at] tami.nl or +31(0)40 295 03 13.
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