Why Denmark is a good testbed for Healthcare technology

Peter Julius and Britt Sørensen have been working within the field of technology testing for many years. Together they have the company Public Intelligence in Denmark and Japan. Public Intelligence has done more than 100 tests for private companies and has tested everything for the ux to the business model and the overall market entry. Come by and listen to why you should consider Denmark as the natural testbed for your internationalisation.

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About Mikrocentrum

Mikrocentrum is co-organiser of the Health Tech Event.

As an independent knowledge and network organization, Mikrocentrum has been supporting the technical manufacturing industry for over 50 years with Training, Events and Networking. We offer over 170 (technical) courses and annually organize 6 trade fairs, 5 business events and 15 thematic events. In addition to these activities, we offer companies a membership of the High Tech Platform, which now consists of 600 members. In all our activities, the aim is to increase knowledge, expand networks, improve business processes and to strengthen the competitive position of companies. We do this by working closely with a large network of industrial organizations, (semi) governments, knowledge and educational institutions.

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