What does the AI Act mean for you?

What will the AI Act mean for medical devices and/or digital health systems? What are possible conflicts between the AI Act and the MDR / IVDR? Should you prepare for the Artificial Intelligence Act and how?

Jos van der Wijst is driven by the Interest in emerging technologies and their legal framework. Use creativity to find an answer when the answer isn’t there yet.

He is IP / IT lawyer / partner at the law firm BG.legal, founder of legalAIR (knowledge platform for legal aspects of AI), located at the Brainport Industries Campus Eindhoven.

About BG.legal
Identifying opportunities is one, exploiting opportunities is two. The issue is to see opportunities and to seize them. BG.legal is on top of the file, on top of the case. BG. Legal asks questions, listens and is your personal guide to seize opportunities. A loyal partner who sets out the right strategy and knows how to tackle legal problems. We are creative and unconventional. As an extension of organizations, we are familiar with the role of problemsolver but we also do not run away for a confrontation with the other party. BG.legal is firmly rooted in North Brabant (South of The Netherlands). Located in the City Triangle: ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Eindhoven and Tilburg. Near Eindhoven Airport. Next to that we can receive you in Oss (Pivot Park). Accessible and reachable.

BG.legal is a Full service law firm, with 25 lawyers and two experts with a software / data science background.

Jos van der Wijst is speaker at the 2022 edition of the Health Tech Event, innovation meets regulation.

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