E-health and MDR: Lessons learned from International projects

Developing E-health applications is one speciality, taking into account MDR and GDPR is a second key challenge. A lesson learned from our international projects. You also need CE marking as well as knowledge of healthcare reimbursement systems. The reimbursement differs from country to country. This presentation gives a practical overview of lessons learned and looks to the future: what are the new opportunities and where are threats.

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Impact of MDR on European SMEs system

The new regulation concerning Medical Devices (2017/745) and Diagnostics (2017/746) could have a dramatic impact on SMEs system. Right now, only a small amount of manufacturers are in compliance to the certification processes of the new Regulation. The risk in here is a shortage of Medical and Diagnostics Devices, that can have an effect on European Sanitary Systems, and on the health needs of the patients. How should we handle this challenge? This is the real question about our future. What about MDR and Telemedicine?

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